PCs want answers on province’s pot plans

March 22, 2018 at 12:55 pm

Lack of basic information raises concerns

Progressive Conservative leader Karla MacFarlane says there are too many unanswered questions about how the McNeil government will implement new cannabis regulations.

“We have a lot of concerns that the Liberal government is not prepared for what’s coming with legalized cannabis,” says MacFarlane. “There are a lot of pieces that need to be worked out and we haven’t seen any evidence of that. Our main priority is that young people are protected and properly educated on the risks associated with cannabis use.”

Some of the key issues raised by the PC Caucus today in the legislature are:
* Youth safety and protection
* Health impacts and mitigation
* Drug testing and legal limits
* Municipal policing
* Education for young people
* Rules for people living in multi-unit residences
* Distribution and sales, including internet sales and co-location with alcohol

A Freedom of Information obtained by the PC Caucus offices confirmed that co-locating alcohol and marijuana would increase the already significant legalization costs to Nova Scotian taxpayers. (Attached: Page The NSLC’s advice to the Minister stressed that standalone stores would ensure a standard, easily-duplicated store design, which would keep costs down and reduce delays.

MacFarlane questions why the Premier ignored the practical experience and chose to go down the dangerous road of co-location of cannabis and alcohol.

“People all across the country, including our own NSLC have been saying don’t co-locate cannabis with alcohol but yet that’s exactly what the Liberal government chose to do,” says MacFarlane. “We need answers to these basic questions and concerns.”