PCs will balance the budget. Liberals won’t.

September 21, 2013 at 12:21 pm

HALIFAX, NS – The Progressive Conservatives will balance the budget and make life more affordable for families. Stephen McNeil and the Liberals won’t.

Baillie says the McNeil Liberals have a high tax, high spend agenda that contains no timeline for a balanced budget.

“Stephen McNeil’s Liberals will condemn our children and grandchildren to four more years of debt and deficits,” said Baillie. “Stephen McNeil’s high tax, high spend agenda will kill jobs and make life even harder than it is now.”

Baillie says the McNeil Liberals are calling for more of the same with high taxes and fewer jobs. And, unlike the Progressive Conservatives, the McNeil Liberals will not lower the HST.

“Stephen McNeil is only telling Nova Scotians how he plans to spend their hard earned money. We’re telling Nova Scotians how we’re going to help them save more of it,” said Baillie. “Our plan will bring real change for Nova Scotia families by lowering taxes, freezing power rates, putting an end to wasteful spending and creating up to 20,000 new jobs along the way.”

Baillie invites Nova Scotians to see how he’s going to balance the budget and make life easier for families by reading the Progressive Conservative platform, Change that Works, at www.pcparty.ns.ca.