PCs will double the number of apprentices

September 13, 2013 at 9:41 am

Baillie’s plan to lower taxes, stop wasteful spending will create jobs

BEDFORD, NS – Only the Progressive Conservative Party has a plan to double the number of apprentices in Nova Scotia and keep young people home by creating more jobs, PC leader Jamie Baillie said today. Baillie unveiled his plan at RCS Construction Inc., a commercial construction company that employs seven apprentices.

“Less than half of the apprentices who start their training in Nova Scotia complete it and too many are leaving home to get the experience they need,” Baillie said. “Our plan means twice as many young people will be able to build the new economy, from the ground up.”

A Progressive Conservative government will invest $18 million over four years to double the number of young people who can complete their apprenticeship training at home in Nova Scotia.

This year, almost 1,600 apprentices registered. With the PC plan, more than 3,000 young people will be able to prepare for good, sustainable jobs, right here at home.

“General Contractors and Certified trades are extremely restricted by the current 1:1 apprentice ratio,” said Doug Doucette, President and owner of RCS Construction. “There is no valid reason that the 2:1 ratio used in other provinces like Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador cannot be implemented safely in Nova Scotia to allow us to compete with other areas of Canada.”

For four years, the NDP dragged its feet when it came to helping apprentices find positions in Nova Scotia. They were a year late in delivering a review of the apprentice program. 

“In that year, hundreds of apprentices had to decide whether to move out west or give up hope of getting a job in their field,” Baillie said. “A Progressive Conservative government will change the apprenticeship program so that it works for young people and so it works for our economy.”

The Liberals say they want to keep more apprentices here in Nova Scotia, but they won’t commit to lowering taxes and freezing power rates. They won’t do what it takes to help businesses create jobs.

A PC government will lower taxes, stop the wasteful spending and freeze power rates to create more jobs and get our economy growing again.