PCs will ensure local input, decisions in health care

May 15, 2017 at 8:57 am

Vision: Health care that is responsible and accountable to Nova Scotians

A Progressive Conservative government will ensure decisions about health care are made closer to home, PC leader Jamie Baillie said during a campaign stop in Sydney today.

“A PC government will respect local decision-making and implement site-based management in our regional hospitals,” Baillie said.

Baillie said the bureaucratic zone system created by the McNeil Liberals is not working. Under the PC plan, zone management will be moved into regional hospitals with real decision-making authority and accountability. Community Health Boards will provide oversight.

When the McNeil government created a single, provincial health board, they told Nova Scotians there would be administrative savings. Instead, the zone system has become more bureaucracy by the back door. Nova Scotians outside Halifax know the system is not responding to their needs.

“We are screaming from the trenches that what the McNeil Liberals put in place is not working,” said Sydney anesthesiologist Dr. Craig Stone. “When locals identify problems, the Health Authority offers numbers and statistics. Power has to be returned to local places.”

A Progressive Conservative government will once again allow hospital foundations to match their fundraising efforts to local needs.

“Nova Scotians deserve a health care system that meets their unique needs, not a one-size-fits all approach across the province,” Baillie concluded. “Only a Progressive Conservative government will bring important local decision making closer to home.”