PCs will repeal Bill 75

February 21, 2017 at 1:15 pm

New PC government will save taxpayers millions in legal costs, and invest in EPAs and hard class caps

HALIFAX, NS – A Progressive Conservative government led by Jamie Baillie will save taxpayers millions by immediately repealing the unconstitutional Bill 75 and use the savings to immediately invest in new EPAs and hard class caps.

“Bill 75 is unconstitutional. It will cost taxpayers millions in legal fees. Worse, it does nothing to improve the conditions in our classrooms,” said Baillie. “A new Progressive Conservative government will repeal Bill 75 and immediately invest in our classrooms instead.”

Baillie says his government will start by using the $20 million Stephen McNeil wants to spend on a committee to hire new educational program assistants and set hard caps on class sizes.

These initiatives fit together with Progressive Conservative commitments announced last year like putting vocational training back in our schools and making mental health supports available to all students.

“Stephen McNeil didn’t listen to what teachers, students and parents were saying. They don’t want another committee. They want action.” said Baillie. “I want to lead a government that revolutionizes our education system now.”

Baillie also confirmed that a new PC government would then negotiate a new contract with teachers, respecting the constitutional process that ensures Nova Scotia does not face years of costly lawsuits