PCs worried Liberals stalling on sale of Digby Pines

March 16, 2016 at 5:00 pm

Buyers and long-term jobs could be lost due to delays

March 16, 2016
For immediate release

DIGBY, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA for Argyle-Barrington Chris d’Entremont is concerned the McNeil government is stalling on the sale of Digby Pines.

He wants Mark Furey, the Minister of Business, to tell Nova Scotians today what the plan is for the southwest Nova Scotia resort. It has been for sale since 2012 and the two sites, Digby Pines and Liscombe Lodge have been losing money. They cost the province about $1.5 million a year.

“What is taking so long to finalize the sale of Digby Pines?” asks d’Entremont. “We know there have been multiple buyers who are looking at that resort. The Liberal government must tell us exactly what is causing the delays.”

In January, the Minister said “the sale process is more complicated than expected.” d’Entremont says that’s just an excuse.

“Time is ticking. Another tourism season is here and the Liberals still have not resolved this issue,” says d’Entremont. “Digby Pines can be profitable but it will need investments and updates. There are buyers who want to spend their money here and create jobs for people. They wanted to be ready for the upcoming summer season.”

d’Entremont says the McNeil government is putting the resorts’ sale in jeopardy.

“The longer the McNeil government stalls the review of offers, the more they risk frustrating buyers,” says d’Entremont. “The people hoping for stable employment at Digby Pines will be the ones who suffer if the Liberals force investors to find somewhere else to invest.”