Peter Harrison wins Kings South PC nomination

April 28, 2017 at 7:11 am

Baillie says Kings South will be well represented by Peter Harrison

King County, NS – Peter Harrison will be the Progressive Conservative candidate for Kings South in the upcoming provincial election. He won the nomination earlier this evening.

Harrison, long-time PC volunteer and graduate of Horton District High School, as well as, Acadia University, says Kings South is looking for change.

“We need a strong local representative who understands the history of our constituency and is responsive to our concerns,” says Harrison. “For almost four years Stephen McNeil’s Liberals have hurt small towns and rural communities. That ends with the election of a Progressive Conservative government, led by Jamie Baillie.”

Harrison says Jamie Baillie is the right choice for Premier.

“Jamie has the vision and the plan to turn this economy around so we can invest in ourselves and grow again,” says Harrison. “Things like healthcare, roads and education have been mismanaged for too long, enough is enough. We need action right now.”

Baillie says Harrison will be a strong MLA for Kings South.

“I know that the people of Kings South will be well represented by Peter Harrison,” says Baillie. “He’s a lifelong resident of the Valley and is a tireless community volunteer. I can’t wait to have him join our team in the House of Assembly.”