Power rates rise again under Liberals

July 19, 2016 at 1:33 pm

Nova Scotians left holding the bag for lack of plan
Stephen McNeil

HALIFAX, NS – Power rates are rising under Stephen McNeil’s watch. Once again, the Premier has proven he has no plan for rate relief and Nova Scotians are going to pay the price.

Today the Utility and Review Board announced that ratepayers are going to face a 1.3 per cent power bill increase every single year for the next three years.

“These increases make a mockery of everything Premier McNeil has ever said about power rates,” says Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie. “The Liberals obviously have no plan besides a catchy old political slogan. Well, political slogans don’t pay the bills.”

The PCs have previously called on Premier McNeil to come clean about what his real plan is for power rates in this province. Baillie says it’s looking more and more like the Liberals don’t have a plan at all.

“McNeil is biding his time and waiting out the next election ad promise,” says Baillie. “But his election promises ring hollow for the people who will now pay even more for power. We need a Premier we can trust.”