Pre-Primary Delays are Unacceptable for Parents, Educators, and Children

August 09, 2019 at 3:12 pm

Progressive Conservative Education critic Tim Halman says the sloppy rollout of the new pre-primary program at Duc d’Anville Elementary School means parents are unable to secure daycare alternatives for their children.

The Liberals announced in April that the pre-primary program would start at Duc d’Anville Elementary on Sept. 6 [include link]. Last week, parents learned that the start date had been moved to October, leaving parents only four weeks to make alternative arrangements.

“At the eleventh hour, the McNeil Liberals sprang this news on parents who now must scramble to find adequate alternatives for their children,” said Halman. “When it comes to our children, when government makes a promise, they should honour it.”

Halman said the situation at Duc d’Anville Elementary is a result of inadequate planning for the pre-primary program three years ago.

“The Liberals rushed to roll this program out without proper planning,” Halman said. “We are now entering the third year and the bugs still haven’t been worked out.”