Premier McNeil must step in immediately to support Sutherland family

December 01, 2017 at 10:58 am

Families in crisis are not being heard by unaccountable Liberal government

Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says the McNeil government’s weak response to the Sutherland family’s pleas for help for their nine-year-old son Callum is not good enough.

Yesterday, Carly Sutherland and her husband John made a passionate plea for help for their son Callum who is severely impacted by Autism.  In response, no one from the government or the IWK was made available to speak with reporters. Instead the Department of Health and Wellness, the Department of Community Services and the IWK sent vague email statements without any key actions or commitments to help this family get support for Callum.

“You can see why this family, and many others like it, are so frustrated. You just have to read the email responses from the key government entities involved. Everyone just punts the problem to someone else to deal with and nothing ever gets done,” says Baillie. “That’s not leadership. It’s time for Stephen McNeil to be accountable to the Sutherland family and get them the help they need.”

Baillie says the right people from the right departments and the IWK need to get in a room and work out a plan with the family before Callum is sent home.

“Stop wasting time. This family is scared. They have called out for help. Get in a room and work out a plan, with the appropriate resources in place to keep Callum and the Sutherlands safe.” says Baillie. “Our province is so much better than this. This family and many others like it are going through hell and no one with the authority to act is willing to listen. It’s unacceptable.”