Provincial government must help following June Frost

June 22, 2018 at 12:31 pm

Agriculture critic John Lohr is calling on Minister of Agriculture Keith Colwell to apply for Agri Recovery following the frosts that devastated the agriculture industry across Nova Scotia.

“The agriculture industry has been hit hard by these weather conditions,” says Lohr. “Farmers have pleaded for assistance from this government. We must take action to ensure they can survive this.”

Agri Recovery is a federal framework that will provide financial assistance to Canadian agricultural producers following a natural disaster.

“We already know that these frosts are going to have overwhelming consequences for crops,” says Lohr. “I urge the minister to look into this immediately, so we can give our farmers peace of mind.”

Lohr is calling on Minister Colwell to request an Agri Recovery assessment from the federal government as soon as possible.