Putting Nova Scotians to Work

VISION: Put thousands of Nova Scotians to work rebuilding our province’s infrastructure.

Creating jobs will be the top priority of a Jamie Baillie government. Our goal is to put 10,000 Nova Scotians to work rebuilding our province.

We will invest in crumbling roads, bridges and buildings. We will lower taxes for all job creators, instead of the old way of hand outs, grants and rebates for a select few.


    • • The Rebuild Nova Scotia Fund will create thousands of jobs by repairing secondary roads and bridges, twinning our most dangerous highways, replacing the Victoria General Hospital, expanding high-speed internet, and investing more in community infrastructure.
    • • Our Earned Tax Relief for Job Creators will make Nova Scotia the most attractive place
      in Canada for businesses to grow and create more jobs.
    • Our new film tax credit will revive our province’s film industry, making Nova Scotia attractive to creative entrepreneurs again.
    • We will create jobs and make our local communities grow again through royalty sharing
      and local resource development.


Over the next four years, a Progressive Conservative government will invest more in critical Nova Scotia infrastructure priorities. We’ll create thousands of jobs in the process and maintain a balanced budget.

The PC jobs plan will grow the economy and create jobs by investing $1 billion in roads, bridges and other public infrastructure. We will do this while anchoring the province’s debt to GDP ratio at the current level.

We will work with the federal government and others so our new infrastructure investments are matched to boost the total of the Rebuild Nova Scotia Fund
to $2 billion.

    • • Replace the Victoria General Hospital
    • • Double the budget for rural roads and repair secondary roads
    • • Twin 100-series highways
    • • Ensure high speed internet in rural Nova Scotia
    • • Fund environmental reclamation and community enhancement projects



A Jamie Baillie government will reduce the paperwork burden on businesses to make it easier for job creators to hire workers.

We will set clear targets for red tape reduction with the goal of cutting two existing regulations for every new one introduced.


All job creators should be able to earn a tax break. That’s why we will make real tax relief available to all businesses that create new jobs in our province.

The Earned Tax Relief will provide an incentive for successful companies to invest more and create jobs in Nova Scotia. By creating new jobs, Nova Scotia businesses can earn their way to a lower corporate tax rate of ten percent. This lower rate would make Nova Scotia the most competitive place in Canada to create jobs.

We will stop handing out grants and rebates to large corporations, like the Royal Bank. Those rebates totalled over $100 million under the McNeil government.

A Progressive Conservative government will also increase the small business threshold from $350,000 to $500,000. That means more businesses will pay less business tax.


    • • We will work closely with our film industry to bring back a refundable Film Tax Credit that makes Nova Scotia competitive again.
    • • We will give craft brewers a voice in their own industry by ensuring they are represented on the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation’s Board of Directors.
    • • Government should regulate gaming, not profit from it. We will appoint an expert panel to develop a new, long-term gaming strategy that gets Nova Scotia out of the gambling business.


A Jamie Baillie government will create good jobs and keep young Nova Scotians here at home through sustainable development of our natural resources.

A Progressive Conservative government will also collaborate with municipalities and share tax royalties from new, sustainable provincial resource development with them.

We will increase exports and create jobs with a provincial forest management plan that includes a 10-year, $5 million investment in silviculture. We will review the province’s policy for cutting on Crown Land and provide strong oversight on environmental management. We will support our private woodlot owners, who are the backbone of the forestry industry.