Queens-Shelburne PC Candidate wants better treatment for Queens County

October 27, 2016 at 1:45 pm

Kim Masland says Stephen McNeil’s Liberal government is actively working against the region

LIVERPOOL, NS – Kim Masland, the Progressive Conservative Candidate for Queens-Shelburne, agrees with outgoing local Mayor Christopher Clarke when he says Stephen McNeil’s Liberals have failed Queens County.

On Tuesday, at the Region of Queens County council meeting, Mayor Clarke blasted Stephen McNeil’s government. He said, “It’s almost as if this government has gone out of its way to punish Queens.”

Masland is commending the Mayor for speaking out and has added her voice to those taking a stand against Stephen McNeil.

“Stephen McNeil’s cuts have been harmful to Queens.The Premier refuses to listen to the local people about what is important to our region,” says Masland. “We know people are struggling to get by with the high cost of living and we need more jobs. Instead, it feels like the McNeil government has been actively putting our region at a disadvantage.”

Masland says the community is frustrated with Premier McNeil for cutting funding to nursing homes and residential care facilities in the area. She also pointed to the obstruction by the McNeil government around upgrades to Perkins House, Nova Scotia’s oldest museum. Money allocated for upgrades was not made available in time so renovations could be done before its 250th anniversary. She said another major challenge is the closure of the local court house. Closing it has shifted the financial burden onto citizens to travel and the RCMP officers are tied up for entire shifts in neighbouring counties for court services.

“This area needs an MLA who understands what matters most to us here and who will take our concerns to the legislature in Halifax,” said Masland. “Stephen McNeil and his Liberals might not take seriously the concerns of people in Queens-Shelburne, but we who live here certainly do. They’re going to be hearing a lot more from the people in our communities in the coming weeks and months.”

The Tory candidate says she will stand up for the people of Queens County and fight hard to make sure the region is treated fairly by any government.