Road in River John home to one of Atlantic Canada’s worst roads

May 14, 2018 at 10:40 am

Pictou West MLA Karla MacFarlane is calling for immediate maintenance to the Louisville Road after it was named as one of the top ten worst roads in Atlantic Canada for the second year in a row.

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)  annual Worst Roads campaign offers the public an opportunity to identify roads in their communities that present dangerous driving conditions. This year’s campaign attracted more than 4,500 votes. Louisville Road in River John made the number 10 slot in all Atlantic Canada.

“The McNeil Liberals should be embarrassed that a third party is running a contest on road conditions and we’re making the top ten,” says MacFarlane. “This isn’t the kind of attention we should be seeking. It’s dangerous and embarrassing.”

This is the second year that Louisville Road made the top ten worst roads in Atlantic Canada. MacFarlane is urging Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister, Lloyd Hines to prioritize road work to include Louisville Road before someone gets seriously hurt.

“What bothers me most is this government was aware of the deplorable conditions of Louisville Road when it cracked the top three last year, says MacFarlane. “I think Minister Hines should take a drive down here and see how his car makes out. Maybe then he would get to work and do what is necessary.”

MacFarlane is calling on Minister Hines to address Louisville Road before the end of the year.