Rushton nominated for PCs in Cumberland South

March 03, 2018 at 4:39 pm

Electrician, Oxford Fire Chief and community leader, Tory Rushton will represent the Progressive Conservative Party in Cumberland South in the upcoming by-election. He secured the nomination today in Springhill.

Rushton is a production manager at Oxford Frozen Foods. He is a Red Seal electrician and has 20 years’ experience with the Oxford Fire Department, the last 12 years as Fire Chief.

“I’m grateful to the Tories in Cumberland South for putting their faith in me to be their representative,” says Rushton. “I want to thank the other candidates who put their name on the ballot and I look forward to working with each of them in the coming weeks. We have a great association here in Cumberland South and a strong Tory team.”

Progressive Conservative Leader Karla MacFarlane says Rushton has the experience and character to be a great MLA.

“Tory is a great listener and a hard worker. He will be a strong voice for the people of Cumberland South and make a great MLA,” says MacFarlane. “We are so grateful to all the people who put their name forward and came out to support their candidates. The PC Party will emerge from this meeting stronger than ever before thanks to the hard work by the local association.”

The by-election date for Cumberland South has not yet been announced.

Rushton says he will be ready, no matter when the by-election is called.

“We have a lot of issues that need to be address by the Liberal government. Some of my main priorities will be getting a new school for Springhill, repairing the Advocate Seawall, improving healthcare, and fixing local roads and bridges like the Rainbow Bridge,” says Rushton. “I look forward to getting out and meeting people in our constituency. I want to earn their trust and be their voice in Halifax.”

Tory Rushton and his wife Tracy live in Oxford with their three children.