Rushton wants more doctors in Cumberland County

June 01, 2018 at 12:46 pm

Cumberland South PC candidate Tory Rushton says he is disgusted by the McNeil government’s inaction on the healthcare crisis after learning about a Springhill woman who lay deceased in her nursing home bed for hours because of the local doctor shortage.

On May 20, 99-year-old Sadie Allen died at the High-Crest Nursing home in Springhill, N.S. Her family was told there was no doctor available to sign the death certificate, so she would not be moved to the funeral home. Her family was told it could be up to two days before her body could be transported.

“There really are no words other than disgust,” says Rushton. “At a time when this family should have been able to grieve, they instead waited for hours for someone to come sign a piece of paper- it’s just so disheartening.”

Sadie Allen’s granddaughter, Dione Allen said it was a struggle for her family to come to grips with what they were dealing with in the hours following her grandmother’s death.

“It really was a terrible situation for us,” says Allen. “I truly hope no one else has to go through what my family has gone through.”

Allen said in the hours leading up to her grandmother’s death, they were told there were no attending doctors and that they would have to travel to the Amherst hospital to be seen.

“We didn’t want her final hours to be spent on a hospital bed in an emergency room,” says Allen. “No one should die like that.”

Rushton thinks these kinds of tragedies will continue because the government has been slow to act.

“This government needs to start listening to families and fix the doctor crisis,” says Rushton. “The McNeil government owes it to the people here to act now before another family ends up like Ms. Allen’s.”