Russell to carry PC banner in Dartmouth North

August 09, 2016 at 10:15 am


DARTMOUTH, NS – Educator Melanie Russell was officially acclaimed as the party’s standard bearer in Dartmouth North on Monday, August 8.

As the youngest in a family of five, Russell credits her family with her desire to help others. She feels extremely fortunate to be in a position to be able to do so, and wants to do more.

“While I thoroughly enjoy teaching, I realized that through a deeper involvement in politics, I can help a lot more people,” says Russell. “I want to help the people of Dartmouth North to help themselves, and I want to do this with respect and compassion. Some people, whether navigating issues for seniors, healthcare issues, business hurdles, or social service issues, are in situations where they feel their backs are against the wall. I want to help provide them with hope and real opportunity through compassion and action, to achieve success in whatever they are undertaking.”

The McNeil government has been cutting services, implementing service fees, raising taxes and outsourcing jobs. Russell believes there is a better way to turn the ship around and re-instill hope and pride in Nova Scotia. Jamie Baillie and the PC Party have always had a solid plan to actually deliver on what they say.

“Jamie Baillie inspired me to become more than a political observer, and to get involved in reversing our fortunes here in Nova Scotia,” says Russell. “With his common sense approach to helping Nova Scotians in the most socially progressive and economically sound way possible, there is a better way forward.”

Baillie says Russell’s commitment to helping people will serve her well as the member for Dartmouth North in the next PC government.

“Melanie takes a keen interest in the people in her community and is dedicated to helping them,” says Baillie. “She sees a better way forward for the people of Dartmouth North and the province in general. She will be a great representative in the Legislature.”

The Dartmouth North Progressive Conservative Association will hold an official nomination meeting on August 20 to celebrate Russell’s candidacy.