Standing up for Cumberland South

May 17, 2018 at 9:00 am

Progressive Conservative candidate Tory Rushton says this by-election is an opportunity for voters to send a clear message to Stephen McNeil that Cumberland County deserves better than the laundry list of Liberal failures and political games. 

“Cumberland South families deserve a MLA who will stand up for their values and protect their way of life,” says Rushton. “I’m proud to make my home here and raise my kids here. We’ve all grown weary of rural Nova Scotia being left behind by the Liberals.”

Rushton says the healthcare crisis and the increasing pressures on the family pocketbook with no jobs plan in sight prove the Liberals are leaving Cumberland South behind.

Doctors are leaving and there’s no one coming to replace them. People are showing up to closed emergency rooms, or waiting hours to receive care. We deserve better and this by-election is a perfect chance to say that,” says Rushton. “This is about who is the best choice to stand up for the people of Cumberland South and get our fair share.”

Rushton says people are sick of politics as usual and says the recent Springhill school announcement shows the McNeil Liberals are prepared to play politics even with children’s futures. Springhill has been fighting for a new school for years.

“The Liberals left our kids in overcrowded schools with outdated plumbing and leaks until they could use a new school announcement to gain election points,” says Rushton. “We needed a new school long before the Liberals needed an election win.”

Rushton, a father of three, makes his home in Oxford with his wife Tracy. He is a production manager at Oxford Frozen Foods. He is also a Red Seal electrician and has 20 years’ experience with the Oxford Fire Department, the last 12 years as Fire Chief.

PC leader Karla MacFarlane says she knows Rushton will stand up for the people of Cumberland South.

“Tory is a great listener and a hard worker. He will be a strong voice for the issues that matter most to Cumberland South,” she says. “He’s a proud family man who’s given back to his community time and time again. This by election is about who can best stand up for the people of Cumberland South and I know that’s Tory.”

The PC leader adds that recent scandals like the privacy breach and the flip flop on the removal of the Cobequid tolls, prove the McNeil Liberals just can’t be trusted.