Statement from Jamie Baillie on the Yarmouth Ferry passenger numbers

July 11, 2016 at 3:53 pm

Passenger numbers released today have Nova Scotians wondering how big a cheque they will be writing to Bay Ferries in the fall.

The McNeil Liberals continue to dodge accountability by hiding key details of the ferry deal. If Stephen McNeil was serious about reassuring taxpayers, who are underwriting all cost overruns of the service, he would release the full details of the contract today, including the secret management fee.

The Liberals have repeatedly refused to reveal the secret management fees included in the contract. Those fees were redacted in a FOIPOP obtained by the PC Caucus. We have taken the unusual step of launching a formal appeal to the privacy commissioner.

Nova Scotia taxpayers deserve to know how much the bad McNeil ferry deal is going to cost them. It’s time for this government to come clean.