STATEMENT RE: Premier McNeil’s mishandling of teacher negotiations

November 26, 2016 at 5:24 pm

The following statement is from Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie regarding Premier McNeil’s mishandling of the teacher negotiations.

“Premier McNeil’s mismanagement of the teachers’ negotiations has reached a new low. In a Saturday morning press event, Premier McNeil and his negotiating team presented their version of the past week’s negotiations in the most public forum. He broke faith and then blamed teachers. Premier McNeil has chosen to grossly misrepresent the teachers’ negotiating position, hoping to sway public opinion and undermine support for teachers in Nova Scotia.

Premier McNeil used the same tactic against NS doctors while they were negotiating last year. And, just like with doctors, he is prepared to allow legitimate concerns to go unaddressed. It’s time to call Mr. McNeil out for his dishonesty. He isn’t making a sincere effort to work things out. His actions are an insult to every teacher in this Province, with disregard for every parent and student he is negotiating against.

Premier McNeil has brought us all another big step closer to empty classrooms and widespread disruption. This is not leadership. It is arrogant and incompetent. Parents and students do not want a strike, Mr. McNeil. We do not support a disruption in our classrooms. It is not only teachers who want better classroom conditions. We all do. Stop the games. Resolve this mess in good faith.”