Stephen McNeil should apologize for “meaningful ridings” remark

May 01, 2017 at 11:40 am

Liberal leader suggests some ridings don’t matter

Progressive Conservative candidate Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin is calling on Stephen McNeil to retract his statements from today’s press conference.

McNeil told reporters his party “has stood beside women to have them elected in meaningful ridings” while attempting to defend the number of women running under his leadership.

“The Liberal leader may keep a list of which ridings are meaningful and which ones are not, but we certainly believe that all ridings are important,” says PC candidate Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin.

McNeil went on to say that “it’s one thing for parties to go out and identify people to run in ridings that they don’t think they have a great shot in, it’s quite another thing when you actually go out and elect based on people so you can get them elected and put them in the House of Assembly.”

Smith-McCrossin, who is looking to unseat Liberal backbencher Terry Farrell, says Nova Scotians are owed an apology.

“Every single candidate who puts their name on the ballot is making a meaningful contribution to democracy in our province,” she says. “Mr. McNeil is missing the point. I suspect there are Liberal candidates wondering today which camp their leader has assigned them to.”

Smith-McCrossin says she is disgusted by Stephen McNeil’s suggestion that campaigns of some women aren’t meaningful.

“I am proud to stand among the women on the PC team,” she says. “Women have worked very hard to earn a place in our democratic system. We must always be looking for ways to attract more girls and women to politics and comment like these hurt this important effort. Stephen McNeil should apologize and take them back.”