Stephen McNeil does damage control in Cole Harbour-Portland Valley

May 26, 2017 at 12:33 pm

Candidate Tony Ince admits voters aren’t happy with the record of the McNeil Liberals.

Nova Scotians have already seen the mess the McNeil Liberals made in health and education, but that isn’t stopping Liberal candidate Tony Ince from trying to sell voters another bill of goods.

In recent media interviews, Ince admitted voters aren’t happy with the Liberal record.

Progressive Conservative candiate Chris Mont says Ince’s own words speak for themselves.

On defending the government’s record:

“Yes, there’s a lot of people who are unhappy. You know what? It’s not a perfect world. Not everybody is going to be happy,” Ince said.

Mont says this kind of arrogance about the electorate is exactly what voters have come to expect under Stephen McNeil’s leadership.

On the chaos they caused in classrooms:

“While everybody has been upset and not happy about some of the decisions being made, we are sitting at the table with you. We are hearing you now,” says Ince.

Too little, too late says Mont.

“It’s insulting to say to the families and teachers of Cole Harbour-Portland Valley we are finally listening to you because it’s election time,” he adds. “It’s these old political games that have people looking for a new government.”

Stephen McNeil will be touring with Ince today.

Mont says the people in his community deserve better than the failed record of Tony Ince and Stephen McNeil.