Stephen McNeil failed Nova Scotians and his record proves it

May 25, 2017 at 6:59 pm

Unable to answer for his failing record, Stephen McNeil’s leadership came under fire in tonight’s Leaders Roundtable.

Stephen McNeil has failed Nova Scotians in the ways that matter most:

Everyone knows there is a crisis in healthcare – everyone except Stephen McNeil.

Stephen McNeil continues to deny there is a crisis and that the system is broken. The McNeil Liberals believe it is acceptable for our province to have the longest wait times for hip and knee replacements in the country, a broken mental system, and almost 100,000 Nova Scotians without a family doctor. Jamie Baillie is the only leader who has heard the fears and frustrations of Nova Scotians and who has a concrete plan to make healthcare better.

Stephen McNeil slashed funding to nursing homes and left some of our most vulnerable eating on $5 a day. He also forced many facilities to cut back hours or lay off staff. Stephen McNeil’s cuts impacted the quality of care for residents. Our parents and grandparents can’t afford more disrespect from the McNeil Liberals. Stephen McNeil also attacked the Seniors’ Pharmacare program without considering or consulting seniors, irreparably damaging the relationship between seniors and his Liberal government. The McNeil Liberals tried to pull a fast one on our loved ones and only back-pedalled when concerned Nova Scotians spoke out. Seniors are left to wonder: what kind of damage will come next?

Patronage and Backroom Deals
Stephen McNeil cried poor when it came to essential services, but there was always plenty of cash for his friends. McNeil signed a sweetheart deal with former Liberal leader Danny Graham, giving him $13,584 a month – or $447 a day – from the public purse. Stephen McNeil can also add bailouts and handouts to his list of broken promises. Keeping with the old way of doing things, the McNeil Liberals handed out over $100 million in payroll rebates. Stephen McNeil thinks it’s his job to pick winners and losers, instead of making Nova Scotia the best place in Canada to invest and create jobs.

Stephen McNeil waged war on our teachers, caused chaos in our classrooms, and left a weakened education system in his wake. The McNeil Liberals locked kids out of schools, imposed a contract on teachers, and failed to make any significant changes to improve classrooms. Stephen McNeil shattered the trust between his government and teachers when he played politics with the education system, causing the first ever province-wide teachers’ strike. Now Nova Scotia is on the hook for costly legal challenges. In addition, Stephen McNeil closed rural schools and left others without much-needed renovations and rebuilds, while his riding and that of Education Minister Karen Casey received new, controversial political schools.


Stephen McNeil lacks the vision and plan of action to bring good jobs to our province. Nova Scotians know the only way to pay for important services in healthcare and education is to make the economy grow again. Time and time again, Statistics Canada showed there were fewer full-time jobs in Nova Scotia. The youth left and jobs disappeared while the McNeil Liberals settled for the status quo. Stephen McNeil has no vision for the province of Nova Scotia.