Stephen McNeil Liberals: a bad deal for today’s families

August 30, 2013 at 10:51 am

Liberals will not lower taxes or stop passing on debt

HALIFAX, NS – The expensive parallels between Liberal leader Stephen McNeil and NDP leader Darrell Dexter keep getting clearer the closer we get to an election, says Progressive Conservative Party President Janet Fryday Dorey.

Only one day after criticizing the NDP for “buying votes,” Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil confirmed Wednesday that he would keep all $62.6 million of the NDP’s pre-election spending promises. He said, “I think there’s an unwritten rule, quite frankly, that incoming governments need to honour a commitment made by previous governments…”

“To many, this appears to be an irresponsible flip-flop,” says Fryday Dorey. “Families are struggling and need a break. Stephen McNeil and the Liberals will keep taxes high, drive power rates up and keep passing on debt to our children.”

The NDP’s pre-election spending, plus McNeil’s own $156.5 million in promises during the spring sitting of the Legislature, add up to $219.1 million.

Oddly, Mr. McNeil’s “unwritten rule” doesn’t extend to lowering the HST. The NDP raised the tax to 15 per cent in 2010, taking an extra $1,800 out of the pockets of every Nova Scotian.

“Mr. McNeil criticized the NDP for raising the HST, but now he wants to keep it there. The Liberals’ $219.1 million spending-spree is an expensive deal for families,” says Fryday Dorey. “The best thing about the NDP and Liberals being the same is that it makes Nova Scotians’ choice in this election a lot easier.”

Mr. McNeil also said Wednesday that he wouldn’t commit to stopping the record of NDP deficits and debt for four more years. Nova Scotia’s net debt has grown by $1.7 billion under the NDP, a flood of red ink Mr. McNeil now endorses and plans to continue.

Fryday Dorey says Nova Scotians are tired of more of the same. It is time for real change that works in this province.

Jamie Baillie and the PC Party of Nova Scotia will get our economy working again by lowering the HST, freezing power rates for five years and eliminating the NDP/Liberal supported job-killing regulations like First Contract Arbitration.