Supporting Nova Scotia’s rural Communities

September 26, 2013 at 10:33 am

Baillie: $5.5 million for rural community centres

BEDFORD, NS – A Progressive Conservative government will strengthen rural communities with support for legions, community centres, churches, lighthouses and recreation centres, PC leader Jamie Baillie said today.

Baillie made the announcement at a post-debate rally at the Bedford Legion, Branch 95. By creating the Rural Community Centres Fund, a PC government will invest $5.5 million over four years to maintain the buildings that are so often at the heart of Nova Scotia’s tight-knit rural communities.  

“For many of our towns and villages, the legion, the church, the community centre or the recreation centre is the place where people gather to socialize, to worship, to exercise, to mourn and to celebrate,” Baillie said. “A PC government will make sure these community hubs are there for our children to enjoy.”

Royal Canadian Legions are the backbone of many Nova Scotia communities. Legion members provide hours of community service and advocacy for veterans and a Baillie government would support their important work.

“High power rates and other expenses make it harder and harder to find the money for the upkeep of our legions,” said Leslie Nash, past president of Nova Scotia Nunavut Command, Royal Canadian Legion. “This program will help us concentrate on doing other projects.”

Baillie noted that high taxes, high power rates and lost jobs have caused rural Nova Scotia to sink into a recession. In the last four years, 7,500 Nova Scotians left the province to find work somewhere else.

“I want a province where people welcome their sons and daughters home at the airport instead of waving good-bye,” Baillie said. “I want our rural communities to start filling up again and stop emptying out.”

Despite years of promises, Stephen McNeil’s election platform contains no plans for tax relief and no timeline for a balanced budget. It contains more high spending and high power rates.

The PC plan, Change that Works will create up to 20,000 new jobs by lowering taxes, freezing power rates and stopping wasteful spending.