Surge in NS PC Party memberships leading up to deadline

September 12, 2018 at 8:24 am

Membership in the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party has surged leading up to the deadline to purchase a membership and be eligible to vote in the leadership race. As of today’s deadline, Party membership during the leadership race had increased by over 400%.

“We are thrilled that our leadership race has attracted such a large number of people to the PC Party”, said PC Party President Tara Miller.  “The issues and ideas that the leadership candidates have raised have resonated with many Nova Scotians, some who have never before been a member of a political party.”

“With five qualified and experienced candidates vying to lead the party, the engagement among our members is higher than it’s been in years,” said Argyle Barrington MLA and Leadership Selection Committee Co-Chair, Chris d’Entremont.

“This may be the most highly contested leadership race in the history of the Nova Scotia PC Party,” said Leadership Selection Committee Co-Chair, Tara Erskine. “We have a strong, fair process in place to help choose our next leader and the excitement surrounding the convention is building as we enter the home stretch.”

The leadership candidates are:  Julie Chaisson, Cecil Clarke, Tim Houston, John Lohr, and Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin.

The Party has chosen a one member, one vote system of voting, weighted for equality of constituencies. Each constituency is allocated 100 points and votes will be allocated proportionally. Members may vote by mail-in ballot or in person at the October 26-27 convention in Halifax.