Ten reasons why Nova Scotians can’t tell Stephen McNeil and Darrell Dexter apart

September 30, 2013 at 10:38 am

HALIFAX, NS – As the campaign enters the home stretch, it’s getting harder and harder for Nova Scotians to tell Stephen McNeil and Darrell Dexter apart.

Here are 10 reasons why:

1. High Taxes – Darrell Dexter raised taxes for every single Nova Scotian and Stephen McNeil won’t commit to lowering taxes.

2. High power rates – Stephen McNeil and Darrell Dexter both continue to support the out-of-touch energy targets that are driving up the cost of power.

3. Gold-plated MLA pensions – While the Progressive Conservatives are talking about scrapping the gold-plated MLA pension plan, Stephen McNeil and Darrell Dexter continue to defend it.

4. Job-killing labour laws – Stephen McNeil and Darrell Dexter both support first contract arbitration, a proven job killer.

5. Strikes in hospitals – Neither Stephen McNeil nor Darrell Dexter supported PC legislation to prevent work stoppages in hospitals during labour disputes.

6. Wasteful spending –The Dexter NDP piled millions of dollars onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. Stephen McNeil won’t balance the budget and will keep piling on debt.

7. Tax-on-tax – In opposition the Dexter NDP called the tax-on-tax on gasoline “immoral.” The McNeil Liberals of the past pledged to scrap it. Both abandoned their promises.

8. Expensive Bureaucracy in education – While too much money is being wasted at the top of the education system and not enough is getting into the classrooms, Stephen McNeil and Darrell Dexter still support nine regional school boards.

9. No plan for job creation – The Dexter NDP’s approach to job creation – high taxes and high power rates – has failed. The Liberal plan? More of the same.

10. Both want to spend more of your money – In this campaign, Stephen McNeil and Darrell Dexter have spent a lot of time talking about how they plan to spend your money. Only one leader, Jamie Baillie of the Progressive Conservatives, has a plan to save you money.

The Progressive Conservative plan is different. Unlike the McNeil Liberals, Jamie Baillie’s Progressive Conservatives are not promising a repeat of the last four years. It’s time for Change that Works.

The Progressive Conservatives encourage all Nova Scotians to read the Change that Works plan online at www.pcparty.ns.ca