Ten ways Stephen McNeil has weakened Nova Scotia

April 30, 2017 at 8:17 am

McNeil Liberals failed Nova Scotians

HALIFAX, NS – Today, Stephen McNeil will call the election and try to convince voters he has made Nova Scotia stronger. Nova Scotians know the truth.

Here are ten ways the McNeil Liberals have weakened Nova Scotia.

1. Family Doctors
Stephen McNeil likes to say there is no crisis in the province’s failing health care system, but Nova Scotians left in the wake of his broken promise know better. Stephen McNeil promised a family doctor for every Nova Scotian, but he has failed. On the eve of the election he even had the gall to ask Nova Scotians for more time to get them doctors. Nova Scotians won’t fall for this again.


2. Seniors
Stephen McNeil slashed funding to nursing homes and left some of our most vulnerable eating on less than $6 a day. Seniors were forced to rely on their families for fresh fruit and vegetables, and nursing home dining rooms were stretched thin. Stephen McNeil’s cuts led to dire situations for our seniors.

3. Patronage
Stephen McNeil cried poor when it came to essential services but there was always plenty of cash for his friends. McNeil signed a sweetheart deal with former Liberal leader Danny Graham, giving him $13,584 a month – or $447 a day – from the public purse.


4. Classrooms
Stephen McNeil waged war on our teachers, caused chaos in our classrooms, and left a weakened education system in his wake. The McNeil Liberals locked kids out of schools, imposed a contract on teachers, and failed to make any significant changes to improve classrooms.

5. Jobs
Stephen McNeil lacks the vision and a plan to bring good jobs to Nova Scotia. Nova Scotians know the only way to pay for the important services in healthcare and education is to make the economy grow again. Time and time again, Statistics Canada showed there were fewer full-time jobs in Nova Scotia. Youth left and jobs disappeared while the McNeil Liberals settled for the status quo.

6. Wait Times
Stephen McNeil left sick and vulnerable Nova Scotians suffering on wait lists while he played political games with the health care system. Nova Scotians waiting on hip and knee replacements have been left to linger with some of the worst wait times in the country. The province has fallen behind and wait lists for crucial surgeries continue to grow, year after year.

7. Transparency
Stephen McNeil has made the troubled rebuild of the Bluenose II even worse. The once proud sailing ambassador remains at the centre of a boondoggle caused by McNeil’s sneaky payouts and political schemes. Stephen McNeil promised an open and transparent government, but what the voters got was secrecy and cover-ups.

8. Bailouts and Handouts
Stephen McNeil can add bailouts and handouts to his list of broken promises. Keeping with the old way of doing things, the McNeil Liberals handed out over $100 million in payroll rebates. Stephen McNeil thinks it’s his job to pick winners and losers, instead of making Nova Scotia the best place in Canada to invest and create jobs.

9. Mental Health
Stephen McNeil failed to make mental health a priority. Families suffered while loved ones fell through the cracks of a broken system. Vulnerable men, women and children found themselves in crisis with no where to turn. When they needed help the most, they found closed doors and weak government.

10. Trust
Stephen McNeil tried to pull a fast one on taxpayers, proving he can’t be trusted. The McNeil Liberals told taxpayers again and again that if they wanted safe roads they were going to have to pay for it out their own pockets. They tried to play on people’s fears and emotions about safety. The first option should never be to dig even deeper into the pockets of hardworking Nova Scotians. But we see that’s exactly what Stephen McNeil tried to do.