Tim Houston rallies PCs at AGM

February 08, 2020 at 9:46 am

In front of hundreds of delegates, Progressive Conservative leader Tim Houston shared ideas to address the major issues facing the province and showed how Stephen McNeil’s priorities no longer seem to be the priorities of Nova Scotians.
“The Premier has drastically changed from the man who ran to govern this province in 2013. He’s not the most open and transparent as he promised,” says Houston. “And he seems to have given up on his 2013 promise that Nova Scotians have access to healthcare.”
Over the last seven years, the Liberals have received almost $3 billion in new federal transfers.
“The reality is that each and every year the McNeil Liberals receive hundreds of millions more than any previous Premier, yet no one feels like they are $3 billion dollars richer in services,” says Houston. “Nova Scotians don’t feel like they’re getting ahead, too many of them are living paycheck to paycheck, and we have the highest child poverty rate in the country.”
Houston’s focus of the night was sharing thoughtful, forward-thinking policy ideas.
‘It’s time to modernize many services in this province, but especially healthcare,” says Houston. “I’m focused on improving the system and making it more accessible.”
Houston is looking forward to taking the PC Party’s message to the people in the recently announced byelections.
“I’m excited about the future and together, we can ensure this is a province where everyone has an opportunity to do better, where everyone has an opportunity to thrive,” says  Houston. “There’s only one Party that is totally focused on taking this province to the next level, and that’s the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia.”