Tories introduce bills to increase transparency, accountability at Province House

March 12, 2019 at 1:30 pm

Progressive Conservative leader Tim Houston today introduced two bills that will increase openness and accountability at Province House.

An Amendment to the House of Assembly Act Respecting Committees requires all standing committees to be televised by Legislative Television.

“In this era of social media, Nova Scotians are accustomed to watching events as they unfold. That should include the work of the their MLAs,” Houston said. “We have the technology to make this happen. There’s no reason to hide what happens at committees from the people who elected us.”

Last month, Karla MacFarlane, the PC Caucus Chair wrote to the Speaker asking that he arrange for committees to be televised.

The second bill, an amendment to the House of Assembly Act Respecting Petitions, requires the government to respond to petitions tabled in the Legislature that contain more than 250 names.

“Thousands of Nova Scotians take the time each year to sign a petition asking their government to act,” Houston explained. “All too often, the petitions are tabled and never thought or heard of again. Nova Scotians deserve better.”

Houston said people who participate in democracy should get a response.

“MLAs work for Nova Scotians,” Houston concluded. “As MLAs, we should be doing all we can to be more responsive and more open. There is no place for secrecy in a healthy democracy.”