Veterans’ quality of life should be priority

April 29, 2013 at 6:21 am

PICTOU, NS – Pictou West Progressive Conservative candidate Karla MacFarlane says the Dexter NDP is not acting fast enough to restore high quality meals for war veterans in Pictou County.

“It’s time to see action taken to make sure veterans get the care and food they deserve,” MacFarlane said. “Health authorities can only act within the constrained budgets they’re provided by this NDP government.”

On Thursday, a group of concerned citizens raised this issue at the Standing Committee for Veterans Affairs. PC MLA and Veterans Affairs committee member Alfie MacLeod voiced serious concerns about the food quality saying, “If we truly appreciate their service to us, we must ensure that we provide better service to them.”

Progressive Conservative Party leader Jamie Baillie says our veterans have provided an invaluable service and deserve better than this.

“It’s unacceptable for the NDP to force Veterans, who fought for our freedom, to eat substandard food,” said Baillie. “The Dexter NDP must look elsewhere for savings, such as the $1.4 million spent subsidizing the Tim Hortons and other cafeteria services in Halifax.”

MacFarlane says it’s troubling to see veterans’ food quality targeted for cuts, while the NDP maintains wasteful spending in health administration. In January, MacFarlane voiced her concern about the Northumberland Unit’s review of the food being served to veterans while suggesting that cost cutting measures should be found elsewhere.

“Veterans occupy a special status in society,” said MacFarlane. “The service they get and the food they eat should reflect this.”

The Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs met Thursday and passed a non-binding resolution promising continued consultation with the Pictou County Health Authority.