Vision. Action. Baillie for Premier

April 29, 2017 at 2:11 pm

PC leader pledges optimistic, pro-growth campaign focused on job creation

DARTMOUTH, NS – As Premier, Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie will put forward a positive vision for Nova Scotia’s future and will take action to get our province moving in the right direction.

Today, Baillie launched his campaign for Premier offering voters an optimistic, pro-growth plan that focuses on rebuilding our province, creating jobs and getting people back to work.

At a rally at NSCC Akerley Campus in Dartmouth, Baillie told supporters Election Day will mark the end of a visionless Liberal government that has held Nova Scotia back.

“On Election Day, our province will start to grow again, people will start working again and, Nova Scotians will begin to see that there can be a brighter future for their families and for our province,” said Baillie. “We have the two key ingredients Stephen McNeil is missing to get Nova Scotia moving – vision and action.”

Four years of broken Liberal promises have been hard on Nova Scotians. Baillie said people are tired of being told the province is broke. They’re tired of working hard and not getting any further ahead.

“The PC plan will replace the doctor wanted lists with help wanted lists,” said Baillie. “It will put shovels in the ground and put thousands of Nova Scotians back to work.”

Over the next month, Baillie and the Progressive Conservative team will show that there is only one party with a long-term plan for the economy. There is only one leader with the skill to modernize our infrastructure and create good, 21st century jobs. And, there is only one leader who will put an end to decades of corporate welfare, once and for all.

“Only the Progressive Conservative Party has the plan to allow Nova Scotia to stand proudly on its own two feet again,” said Baillie.

The Progressive Conservative leader told the crowd his optimistic jobs plan will take hard work, but he knows Nova Scotians will be able to achieve the goals of the plan.

“I have faith in our people and confidence in our future,” he said. “I believe in my plan because I believe in Nova Scotia.”

Following the rally, Baillie travelled to Springhill to kick off his campaign in Cumberland South.