Voters face stark decision

October 07, 2013 at 10:48 am

Only a PC government will fix economy, create jobs

TRURO, NS – The Progressive Conservative team is the only choice for Nova Scotians wanting change, PC leader Jamie Baillie said today.

“The Progressive Conservative team will bring change by delivering on our one  and only election promise: To turn Nova Scotia’s economy around,” Baillie said. “Everything else is about how we plan to do it.”

The PC leader outlined the stark differences between the Liberal and PC plans. The PC plan, Change that Works, will lower taxes. Stephen McNeil has no plan to lower taxes.

A Progressive Conservative government will make balanced budgets the law. The Liberals won’t commit to a balanced budget.  

The PCs will freeze power rates while the Liberal scheme will continue to increase power rates. A PC government will make Nova Scotia a tax-free zone for  small businesses. Stephen McNeil says tax relief for job creators isn’t a priority.

“We will scrap the gold-plated MLA pension plan where MLAs put up one dollar and taxpayers fork over six,” Baillie said. “Liberal MLAs will defend and protect the outrageous MLA pension.”

Stephen McNeil wants more of the last four years: more high taxes, more high power rates, more debt, more rich MLA pensions and more coasting along and  hoping something will change.

The Progressive Conservative vision has a detailed, fully costed plan for real change that starts with lower taxes, frozen power rates and more jobs.

“Voters in Nova Scotia have seldom had such a stark choice,” Baillie said. “Only a Progressive Conservative government will bring real change, turn the economy around and get people working.”