Why won’t Stephen McNeil commit to scrapping the tax-on-tax?

September 17, 2013 at 2:56 pm

LeBlanc: McNeil Liberals can’t be trusted to protect your pocketbook

CLARE, NS – Clare-Digby Progressive Conservative candidate Paul Emile LeBlanc says Liberal leader Stephen McNeil needs to come clean about why he abandoned his five-year-old promise to scrap the tax-on-tax on gasoline.

Today when speaking to reporters, Stephen McNeil told reporters he would scrap the tax-on-tax. He said “we still support that.” McNeil went on to explain the plans weren’t in his platform because it involves working with the federal government, even though there is a mechanism to scrap the tax-on-tax in the HST agreement Ottawa maintains with the provinces.

LeBlanc says McNeil is waffling.

“Over the course of this campaign, Stephen McNeil has proven he has a high tax, high spend agenda that will kill jobs,” said LeBlanc. “Why won’t Stephen McNeil commit to reducing the tax-on-tax by putting the commitment in writing in his platform?”

LeBlanc also pointed out that because Stephen McNeil refuses to put his promise in writing and scrapping the tax-on-tax isn’t included in the Liberal platform, the cost of the tax cut hasn’t been factored into McNeil’s already debt-heavy plans.

The Progressive Conservatives estimate the cost of scrapping the tax-on-tax to be almost  $100 million over four years.

“Stephen McNeil is once again misleading Nova Scotians,” said LeBlanc. “Either he has abandoned his five-year-old promise to provide relief at the pumps or he’s not being up front about the true cost of his high tax, high spend agenda. One thing certain – Stephen McNeil simply can’t be trusted to protect the family budget.”