McNeil chickens out from facing other leaders

September 09, 2013 at 8:38 am

HALIFAX, NS – Liberal leader Stephen McNeil’s refusal to join PC leader Jamie Baillie and NDP leader Darrell Dexter for a discussion scheduled tonight with CTV’s Steve Murphy is proof he’s afraid of coming clean with Nova Scotians, says Progressive Conservative campaign chair Tara Erskine.

CTV Atlantic made the request Sunday afternoon and the PC campaign made significant changes to Baillie’s schedule to accommodate the request. The NDP campaign also confirmed Dexter’s participation.

“Nothing is more important in this election than giving voters as many opportunities as possible to compare the three leaders,” said Erskine. “The Liberals must be afraid at how Stephen McNeil will compare.”

Erskine noted that representatives of the three parties earlier that day had confirmed a similar session with CBC on Tuesday night.

“Maybe Stephen McNeil just doesn’t have the stamina to have back-to-back live discussions with the other two leaders, but I’m proud to run a campaign for a leader like Jamie Baillie with the skills and ability to debate his opponents at any time and any place,” concluded Erskine.

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